About Me

As an young artist, I always wanted to create and make things that people want to see and react to. When I put marks on a canvas or scribbled on a creamy water color page, I always felt some sort of energy coming through my finger tips, wanting to make sense of the emptiness and create. I felt like God in the story of Genesis. Like, anything, every breath I took, could make a vibration in time and make life on a page.

When I grew older, I wanted to make stories that would fill people with wonder and make adults remember the magic of being a child.

Now that I am a college senior at Memphis College of Art, I want to create things that sent a message to the world. I want to create ideas, to create beauty and to create emotion. I think its a metaphysical dilemma that I haven’t yet over come; the need to constantly create.

I am what I am. I am a painter, a story teller, a dreamer, an illusionist, a maker of dreams, a drawer and a glamour maker. I am an artist. I am a designer. I am an illustrator. I am awake.


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