BFA Blogging!

Its finally come! BFA. I never thought it would creep up on me so fast. This is basically the culmination of my entire undergraduate career. It is intense because all of my teachers will be looking at this project to be one of the climaxes of our careers. I think. I have this idea of illustrating a guide through this fantasy world i have concocted in my brain. Its based off the people that I have met in these four years. Not just any body. By people I mean really important people, like my best most intimate friends, my family, and my boyfriend! And some old flames too… they will not be cast in a fair light, i will tell you that much!! I think this project can be really personal and filled with some real self discovery AND i will apply what i have learned through my 4 years at MCA. There will be illustration, drawing, logo design, type design and some badass concepting and the MOST dreading thing of all…..Pre-flighting and Printing. Somehow, i always manage to get the first go wrong. Hopefully i can be better at this this time!! I will be blogging my process on this nifty thing and maybe someone will respond to my blogging and give me suggestions! i need all the help i can get guys!!! and gals!!! anyone!!!! until later bloggers! Toodles! 🙂 


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